How can we solve this problem

Dec 17, 2012   //   by Bahauddin   //   Uncategorized  //  3 Comments

How can we solve this prob­lem Today I was announced best speak­er in our debate train­ing arranged by IEFS. I was oppo­si­tion leader on the issue of, is gov­ern­ment oblig­at­ed to lessen the gap between rich and poor? As the train­ing end­ed I didn’t leave the cen­ter with cher­ish­ing mem­o­ry of my suc­cess but with a ques­tion on my mind. In the end of the class every­body was talk­ing about learn­ing pay which is about to. I dis­cov­ered that each of…

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Islamic women’s attire ~ from least to most veiling…

Oct 5, 2012   //   by peretz   //   culture, Women in Conflict  //  1 Comment

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Help Fund Bold Initiative to set up Hackerspaces Across Middle East

Sep 16, 2012   //   by peretz   //   Culture and Tech  //  No Comments

My close friends are behind the project.  They are tal­ent­ed, enthu­si­as­tic and com­pe­tent.  There is only one day left to fund this kick­starter, so please chip in and spread the word on your net­works! The link to the full kick­starter is here:

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Would you Fund a Mercenary / Documentary Film Maker?

Aug 20, 2012   //   by peretz   //   Culture and Tech, military  //  1 Comment

Matthew VanDyke with the PKT machine gun he used in com­bat in Sirte, Libya “Have you want­ed to do some­thing to help the Arab Spring but weren’t sure how? This is your chance. In Sep­tem­ber, 2012 two famous free­dom fight­ers from the Libyan rev­o­lu­tion, Amer­i­can Matthew VanDyke and Libyan Masood Bwisir, will trav­el togeth­er to Syr­ia and join the rebels on the front line against the dic­ta­tor Bashar al-Assad. ” “What is the pur­pose of this project and what will VanDyke…

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Obitutuary for Merhab Sarahj, Taj Mahal Guesthouse Manager

Aug 18, 2012   //   by peretz   //   taj  //  1 Comment

Accord­ing to a trust­ed source, we learned that the Taj Mahal guest­house man­ag­er has been shot by two motor­cy­cle rid­ing gun­men. We knew him as Mehrab, while his full name was Mehru­bin Saraj. For many of us, he was more than the man­ag­er of the Taj Guest house, but our first condi­ut into Afghan soci­ety. He took us to pur­chase our Afghan clothes and explained the world out­side the com­poud walls. One care­free after­noon, I asked Mer­hab to tell me about…

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Zahed Missed His Garden All These Years

May 1, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   culture, Human Rights, Peace, Poverty  //  1 Comment

Zahed is a forty some­thing years old Afghan-Ger­­man who lives in Ger­many with his fam­i­ly. He’s lived there for over two decades now. About two and a half weeks ago, he came back to Afghanistan to vis­it his home­town in Surkhrod area of Nan­garhar Province. He missed his rel­a­tives and friends and his gar­den. He had a beau­ti­ful gar­den near his Qal­la or vil­lage house where he used to sleep under the shade of its trees in some peace and…

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Are You from This Country

Apr 14, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   Peace  //  No Comments

Not a lot of peo­ple in Afghanistan know where Cam­bo­dia is as many peo­ple in Cam­bo­dia don’t know where Afghanistan is locat­ed. I was in Cam­bo­dia for a month and peo­ple would ask me where I was from. I would answer “Afghanistan”. Most of the peo­ple would ask “No, what is the name of your coun­try?” Well, that is the name of my coun­try. They thought it was a small vil­lage in some coun­try. I was rid­ing in a tuk…

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Afghan Security Forces to Be Reduced after 2014

Apr 11, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   military, Peace, Poverty  //  1 Comment

Afghan Defense Min­is­ter, Gen. Abdul Rahim War­dak said on Tues­day that the Afghan secu­ri­ty forces (ANSF) will like­ly be reduced from its peak strength of 352000 to 230000 after the NATO with­draw­al from Afghanistan in 2014. This will be a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in the Afghan Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Forces. Now, some might argue that these 122000 per­son­nel will be unem­ployed. No, they will not. The ques­tion is who will con­tin­ue employ­ing them beyond 2014? The Tal­iban is long­ing for an opportunity…

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Special Announcement for Afghans

Mar 12, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   culture  //  1 Comment

I was fly­ing from Del­hi back to Kab­ul after hav­ing been on a few flights in South­east Asia. Nor­mal­ly, in-flight safe­ty announce­ments for pas­sen­gers in air­planes were all sim­i­lar. Since the flight from Del­hi to Kab­ul was most­ly Afghans so the announce­ment was a bit more tai­lored to us. The announce­ment said, smok­ing in the air­plane is strict­ly pro­hib­it­ed. Then it added, “not even in the toi­lets”. They’d obvi­ous­ly found cig­a­rette butts in the toi­lets before that and decid­ed to…

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From Missouri to Nangarhar

Feb 18, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   military, Peace, Poverty, videos  //  No Comments

Video cred­it: AFAfghan Mis­souri Agri­cul­ture Devel­op­ment Team has helped farm­ers in Kama dis­tricts and equipped some of them with advanced tools of farm­ing. They’ve also taught new approach­es of farm­ing and how to har­vest more healthy crops.

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