Are You from This Country

Apr 14, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   Peace  //  No Comments

Not a lot of peo­ple in Afghanistan know where Cam­bo­dia is as many peo­ple in Cam­bo­dia don’t know where Afghanistan is locat­ed. I was in Cam­bo­dia for a month and peo­ple would ask me where I was from. I would answer “Afghanistan”. Most of the peo­ple would ask “No, what is the name of your coun­try?” Well, that is the name of my coun­try. They thought it was a small vil­lage in some coun­try. I was rid­ing in a tuk tuk with my friend, Una, to the Cen­tral Mar­ket in Phnom Penh and this tuk tuk dri­ver who spoke very good Eng­lish asked me about my nation­al­i­ty and I said Afghanistan. To my sur­prise, he made a ges­ture and screamed, “boom boom boom” then asked said “are you from this coun­try?” Yes, sir. I am exact­ly from that coun­try, I confessed.