Plucked from Garbage Scavenging, Sokha Becomes an Inspiring Girl Worldwide

Feb 5, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   Children in Conflict, Human Rights, Poverty  //  No Comments

“When my father died, I lost every­thing: my edu­ca­tion, my strug­gling spir­it and my parental love and even the love from my sib­lings because I had to go away and live with others,” she said.

If there is one les­son she’s learned, it’s that “you must nev­er give up hope,” she said. “You must strug­gle and strug­gle until one day you see success.”

Arti­cle on VOA Cam­bo­dia: Plucked From Garbage Scav­eng­ing, a Girl Makes Good