Interesting Twitter Fight: Taliban vs ISAF

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@ABalkhi is Tal­iban’s Twit­ter han­dle and @ISAFMedia is ISAF’s. I am fol­low­ing both. They some­times have Twit­ter fights. They are exchang­ing some seri­ous words right now as I am typ­ing and here is how the @ABalkhi start­ed and then the @ISAFMedia’s response fol­lows and I quote everything:

@ABalkhi: Arti­cle CSM:1000s Afghan mer­ce­nar­ies hired by CIA in Afghanstan.Commit out­right human rights abuses(rape,robery,extra judi­cial killing etc)
Sto­ry con­firmed by US diplo­mats, west­ern offi­cials, afghan author­i­ties. Hired to fight Tal­iban and others
Recruits ‘cher­ry picked’ from reg­u­lar ANA and trained by US Spe­cial forces at Camp Gecko
US tac­tic as with­draws is going “beyond tra­di­tion­al intel­li­gence, mil­i­tary, and law enforce­ment functions.”
These kinds of units who are trained by US mil­i­tary, fund­ed by CIA fits the bill perfectly
These units which are shad­owy and unac­count­able to any­one, only answer to CIA
Repeat­ed­ly com­mit extra judi­cial killing, rape, tor­ture, lar­ce­ny is being direct­ly bankrolled by CIA and US mil­i­tary via US taxpayers
Matt (Green Beret capt­ian) says: must work with these units to beat Tal­iban even though behav­ior insults ‘west­ern sensibilities’
Matt (Green Beret captian):No stan­dard to begin with. No rule of law. tal­iban not that bad and Afghan farmer not inno­cent civilian

So ISAF admits hir­ing mer­ce­nar­ies to com­mit mass mur­der, rape, tor­ture and does not con­sid­er farm­ers as inno­cent civil­ians. Great JOB!!!

i won­der why not many jour­nal­ists and even the UN talk much about such issues and the dire sit­u­a­tion it has cre­at­ed for the Afghans
link to full sto­ry

ISAF Twit­ter handle(@ISAFMedia) then responds with: @abalkhi We don’t hire mercs to com­mit murder/rape/torture. OTOH … that seems to be a core com­pe­ten­cy among Taliban

@ABalkhi replies: @ISAFmedia your offi­cials admit­ted to it dumb dumb. and how can you talk about tal­iban when u cut fin­gers etc and use them as throphies

@ISAFMedia: @abalkhi Dumb dumb? How the dia­logue ele­vates. Look: Nobody takes you seri­ous­ly. Every­thing you type is wrong. Just. Stop.

@ABalkhi: @ISAFmedia Thats why they picked you for this job. If I was­nt here, you would­nt have a job

@ISAFMedia: @abalkhi You’re just a fun sideshow. How many tanks did you blow up today. (I have the actu­al num­ber if you lose count.)