Special Announcement for Afghans

Mar 12, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   culture  //  1 Comment

I was fly­ing from Delhi back to Kabul after hav­ing been on a few flights in South­east Asia. Nor­mally, in-flight safety announce­ments for pas­sen­gers in air­planes were all sim­i­lar. Since the flight from Delhi to Kabul was mostly Afghans so the announce­ment was a bit more tai­lored to us. The announce­ment said, smok­ing in the air­plane is strictly pro­hib­ited. Then it added, “not even in the toi­lets”. They’d obvi­ously found cig­a­rette butts in the toi­lets before that and decided to change the announce­ment hop­ing that it’ll work. The announce­ment also requested us to switch our phones off but then there were my fel­low Afghans mak­ing phone calls for final good­byes after the announce­ment. They would to tell their family/friends how they were in the air­plane and fly­ing right then. I wanted to Tweet it but my phone was off ;) You know how short our tele­phone con­ver­sa­tions are here in Afghanistan. There was one Amer­i­can, one Briton and one Afghan and they were all in hell together. They missed their fam­i­lies and they wanted to call back home. The Amer­i­can called home and talked to his fam­ily for four min­utes and the Satan brought the bill and it was $20000. Then the Brit called home and talked with his fam­ily for three min­utes and he was billed $15000. Finally, it was the Afghan’s turn to call home. He called and talked to his fam­ily for three hours. Satan brought the bill and it was $3 and then the Amer­i­can and the the Brit com­plained to him why they were so ridicu­lously over­charged and why the Afghan was charged so cheap. Satan told them that it was a local call. From hell to hell is local price. I say this with a lot of love but we do talk a LOT most of us enjoy break­ing some small rules like the one on the airplane.

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    I work for BBC World Ser­vice, World Have Your Say pro­gramme. We are look­ing for Afghans to dis­cuss the recent shoot­ing in Kan­da­har region. What do you think is the future of Amer­i­can sol­diers in Afghanistan? Please get in touch with a phone num­ber I can con­tact you on — rwilcox11@gmail.com Many thanks and I look for­ward to hear­ing from you.Rainbow Wilcox