Government aid too late

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A cou­ple of weeks ago my col­leagues and I went to Kama dis­trict for gath­er­ing data for map­ping the area on the open source map­ping site, Open Street Map, we came across a team of the gov­ern­ment aid dis­trib­u­tors. They were dis­trib­ut­ing mos­quito nets. Now that the sum­mer sea­son is over and there will be almost no mos­quito any­more, these peo­ple don’t need these nets this year. “We will keep them for next year”, said one of the locals. This is very poor planning.

  • Amy

    This seems to be a com­mon occur­rence with mos­quito nets–they end up being mate­r­ial aid that can be help­ful or not, depend­ing on how they are shared with the community.

    Where did these nets come from?  Was there an inter­na­tional donor that pushed the gov’t to dis­trib­ute them?Hameed, have you read this book? It is really a great book to read if you are going to do devel­op­ment stud­ies, although it is about Africa.  The author men­tions mos­quito nets and how they are often used for things like fish­ing or cloth­ing.  In this arti­cle, they talk a lit­tle bit about how mak­ing peo­ple pay a small fee for nets actu­ally ensures that they are used appro­pri­ately so they are more effec­tive in reduc­ing malaria.What do you do for your map­ping work exactly?  I would love to hear more about that.Keep up the great posts and pics! :) — Amy

    • Anony­mous

      Hey Amy, good to hear from you. Thanks for the com­ment.
      I think almost every­thing that the gov­ern­ment gives away is inter­na­tional aid. I have not read that book. I will read it. Thanks for the link. And that’s a funny use of mos­quito nets. As chil­dren back in the day, we used the front hem of our shirt (Afghan Kamis) for fish­ing. We would usu­ally end up catch­ing tiny fish the size of our index fin­ger or smaller and then we’d fry and eat that. I remem­ber when I was a kid we had one then two mos­quito nets for 8 peo­ple in our fam­ily. We all slept inside that. so cramped :)  This is what we do in map­pin: