Surkhrod Trip of OSM

Aug 26, 2011   //   by Hameed   //   Uncategorized  //  13 Comments

Near­ly two weeks ago, we had an OSM maps edit­ing trip to Behsood Dis­trict. Our team spent the last ten days and a few days before the trip to fin­ish edit­ing the entire dis­trict in very detail: OSM/Behsood
This week, when we were fin­ished with Behsood as per our plan we took a map­ping trip to Surkhrod Dis­trict of Nan­garhar Province. Luck­i­ly, our map­ping man­ag­er, Habib Raza is from Surkhrod and he knows the area like the back of his hand. Our team­mates joked with him and said that he knew his wife’s vil­lage bet­ter than his own because he spent more time in that vil­lage than his own vil­lage before he was mar­ried.
Habib showed us around all day long and we record­ed a lot of gps tracks and gps points. It was cool that we could view the data that we had edit­ed the days before on our smart phones offline and nav­i­ga­tion map appli­ca­tion, OsmAnd. We could see what was what and what need­ed to be changed/edited. We vis­it­ed some cool and his­toric places in the area. I want­ed to take some pho­tos of the sev­er­al beau­ti­ful man­sions of Haji Zahir (a local com­man­der now-MP). I was stopped by the guards. We saw his beau­ti­ful gar­den with this advanced drip irri­ga­tion sys­tem.
Over­all, it was a very fruit­ful trip and we had a lot of fun too. There is enough data that we col­lect­ed on this trip to work on for the next one week or so. We have worked on it for three days now and OSM/Surkhrod Map looks very good already. Our next OSM trip (place to be decid­ed) will be in the next two weeks. On the com­ing adven­ture, we will be allowed to eat and drink as the month of Ramadan will be over by then.