Inventory for Bamyan University

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This is from Thurs­day at Bamyan Uni­ver­sity. We are mak­ing an inven­tory list for the equip­ment that we have brought with to the uni­ver­sity in our Bamyan Uni­ver­sity project (more details in my pre­vi­ous blog). Pro­fes­sors Joya and Motamid are help­ing me with it. Pro­fes­sor Joya has got his master’s degree in Edu­ca­tion and Lan­guage Learn­ing from Indi­ana Uni­ver­sity. I love work­ing with Bamyan Uni­ver­sity staff. We were send­ing all these equip­ment from the cap­i­tal Kabul through Par­wan to Bamyan which…

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Kabul Attack Building

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One month ago less than a dozen of Tal­iban attacked Kabul city. Look at all those bul­let marks on one of the build­ings that they hid in in the first photo. They were fir­ing out of this build­ing. This build­ing is still under con­struc­tion. It’s already very pop­u­lar all over the coun­try and world­wide. Nice name for the build­ing. Kab­u­lAt­tack Plaza! They don’t need to rename it or do fur­ther mar­ket­ing for it . Here is an inter­est­ing link: Taliban…

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Watch Out! You are hiking in Afghanistan

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When you are hik­ing in Afghanistan, don’t always rely on the white painted rocks. You should use your own bomb deters, too. Una and I were hik­ing at this sup­pos­edly dem­ined area near the Bud­dha in Bamyan when we saw an unex­ploded bomb half buried in the dirt. Only the tail was stick­ing out and I almost almost stepped on it. It was twi­light and I gave the nearby police a shout. They didn’t bother to come at first. Then…

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This Time in Bamyan

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Back in April of this year, my col­league, Una and I came to Bamyan for a needs assess­ment sur­vey at Bamyan Uni­ver­sity (here­after BU). The uni­ver­sity is located in the provin­cial cen­ter. The num­ber of stu­dents as per last April was over 1700. Its aca­d­e­mics are fac­ul­ties of Edu­ca­tion, Social Sci­ences, Agri­cul­ture, Geol­ogy. And fac­ul­ties of Com­puter Sci­ence, Jour­nal­ism and Health to open in 2012. We took a tour of BU’s old and new cam­puses. BU’s new cam­pus that was…

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What is democracy?

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I was in Dara-e-nur dis­trict of Nan­garhar yes­ter­day. It’s a very remote dis­trict in the mid­dle of nowhere. All moun­tains. I saw this guy who was rid­ing on his motor­cy­cle along with three other friends. I asked them, “why are you four peo­ple rid­ing on one motor­cy­cle?” They said, “it’s democ­racy.” You do what you want and feel like doing.

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Car wash in Jalalabad

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Gen­er­ally, there are two types of car washes in Jalal­abad: 1. fancy and expen­sive that com­man­ders, et. al. use and 2. river and stream sides located ones that use a small gen­nie to pump water and hose down cars. Below is a hand pres­sure pump that is used to splash oil under the car so that it doesn’t get rusty. Most of the cars that we use in Afghanistan are used cars that get dumped here after they are first used…

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A Joyful Weekend at Sweating Man

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My brother, Idris, Rah­mat and I went to the Jalala­good Sweat­ing Man last week­end. Then we played Khu­sai, the one footed Afghan game. It was so much fun that I for­got to take any pho­tos. There was a flood a cou­ple of days ear­lier and the water in Behsood River was all very gray because of the floods, etc. This fish­er­man was try­ing to catch fish. He caught a few fish that were lit­er­ally the size of his mid­dle finger.…

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Water Tank

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Funny water tank on top of a house. This fam­ily lives 20 kilo­me­ters south of Jalal­abad city and they have enmity with Tal­iban. Tal­iban killed a mem­ber of this fam­ily and then they went and killed sev­eral Tal­iban to take revenge. The fam­ily is always vig­i­lant. They guard their house with their AK47s 24/7. It’s funny that they have this flashy red water tank. There is another house in Jalal­abad that has a water tower in the shape of an…

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A few Moments with Baba Jan

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This is Baba Jan in the beau­ti­ful dis­trict of Kama. I was out with my map­ping team when we met him. We were pass­ing by his hut he gave us a shout and offered us water­melon. We stopped and sat down with him. He asked us to wait for him to fin­ish his hash. “I enjoy the con­ver­sa­tion then,” he said. Baba Jan has a small store right across from his hut which is run by his 9-year-old daugh­ter. He…

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Addresses in Afghanistan

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Nor­mally, in Afghanistan we don’t have street names and street num­bers. There are some streets and almost all towns with names. Funny story how streets and some towns are named but before that: I was dri­ving out­side Jalal­abad city the other day and I needed direc­tions to a friend’s house. I asked a cou­ple of famers with their shov­els on their shoul­ders for direc­tions to a friend’s house in the area. In rural areas where peo­ple live in small towns…

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