Difference between Wilf and a FATA Child

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The West must see the death of a FATA child the same way they see my 3-year-old son Wilf.” Said Clive Stan­ford Smith, the legal direc­tor of the UK-based non-profit, Reprieve in Waziris­tan Grand Jirga Islam­abad, Pak­istan last month.

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Two Young Afghans Join the Taliban

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All names in this real story are unreal. Sex­ual Harass­ment Basir, who lived with his extended fam­ily in a lit­tle vil­lage 20 KM out­side Jalal­abad city, raped his sister-in-law. The vic­tim, Shinkai, finally told her hus­band and the rest of her in-laws at home after spend­ing two long days going over it in her head. She shared it with them so that they would pun­ish Basir for his unfor­giv­able crime. Nobody in the fam­ily believed her and every­body thought that…

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Challenges for Business in Remote Afghanistan

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This is a photo stu­dio in the remote province on Bamyan, in cen­tral Afghanistan. Since they are far away from major cities and the cap­i­tal Kabul, they have devel­oped skills that can help them fix prob­lems of their equip­ment and machines that they are using with­out hav­ing to travel and bring their bro­ken machines with them. For exam­ple, this photo stu­dio owner fixes his own pho­to­copier and printer when there is any small prob­lems with it. If they need to…

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Hindrance to My Progress

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After spend­ing a week and a half in Bamyan city and train­ing Bamyan Uni­ver­sity stu­dents, the pro­fes­sors and a few work­ers from Shuhada aid and relief orga­ni­za­tion in tech tools and map­ping and Crowdmap­ping pro­grams and appli­ca­tions, it’s time to go back and par­tic­i­pate in the Islam­abad Inno­va­tion Lab ini­ti­ated by Internews in Islam­abad, Pak­istan. I was invited to the inno­va­tion lab by the Internews, Afghanistan. We have pur­chased tick­ets and our flight is on Octo­ber 24th, 2011. The actual…

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Things that Make Me Fall in Love with Bamyan

Oct 22, 2011   //   by Hameed   //   culture  //  3 Comments

The amaz­ing and nat­ural beauty of Bamyan city The happy and play­ful kids of Bamyan The extremely friendly and help­ful peo­ple And most impor­tantly, the stun­ning smile of these peo­ple. When Haz­aras smile, their eyes look amaz­ingly beautiful!

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Heading Back to Kabul

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Today is my 11th day here in Bamyan. It’s 8:35 in the morn­ing and a beau­ti­ful day here. I have packed every­thing and sit­ting on my bed in my hotel room. I am leav­ing for the air­port in half an hour. When my col­league and I were com­ing to Bamyan we booked round trip tick­ets with Part­ners in Avi­a­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Tech­nol­ogy (Pactec). They have flight to Bamyan on Sun­days and Wednes­days. The prob­lem is that I am going to…

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From Bamyan with Love

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This is a con­ve­nience store owner right across from Bamyan Uni­ver­sity. Drink­ing tea in his “Love” glass.

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Fun with the Screamers at the City of Scream

Oct 19, 2011   //   by Hameed   //   culture  //  1 Comment

Last Fri­day, Una and I went to Shahr-e-Gholghola which means the city of scream in Dari. It’s a beau­ti­ful old city ruins on top of a hill with a won­der­ful view of the whole city of Bamyan. We hiked to the very top of the hill and met a fam­ily. An old man came to visit Shahr-e-Gholghola with his chil­dren. He was a police­man who was sta­tioned on top of this hill a few years ear­lier. Then on our way…

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Shahr-e-Gholghola-The City of Screams

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From the plaque: Shahr-e-Gholghola (“City of Screams”) is a for­ti­fied urban site dat­ing from late Sas­san­ian (6th c. AD) through to the Ghorid period (12th-13th CC.). The citadel on this hill site was the heart of the Islamic city of Bamyan fol­low­ing the decline of Bud­dhism here from the 8th cen­tury AD. Shahr-e-Gholghola is believed to have been destroyed by the Mon­gols under Genghis Khan, who invaded it in 1221 and mas­sa­cred all the inhab­i­tants. The site’s name is said…

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Presentation to BU Staff and the Students

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When my col­league­Una and I arrived in Bamyan Uni­ver­sity (BU here­after), we met with the deputy chan­cel­lor of the uni­ver­sity in the after­noon since the chan­cel­lor had been to Kabul for his health checkup. As I explained in my ear­lier blog, we did a needs assess­ment sur­vey of BU back in April of this year and then we were able to raise some funds for their inter­net, solar power and com­puter labs facil­i­ties. We arrived here on Octo­ber 12th, 2011.…

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