From Afghanistan to Cambodia

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Today, I met with a spe­cial group of young cit­i­zen jour­nal­ists and blog­gers in Phnom Penh, Cam­bo­dia. At this 4 hours event we dis­cussed Online Free­dom of Expres­sion in Cam­bo­dian. I shared my expe­ri­ences about blog­ging and the use of social media in Afghanistan and the prob­lems and obsta­cles that we are fac­ing in this area. Dig­i­tal media col­lec­tive forum fea­tures my talk. More details about the event here.

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First Graduates of Shaheed Mirranay Education Center

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Sha­heed Mir­ranay com­puter and Eng­lish lan­guage cen­ter was built in April 2011. It’s located in South­west of Jalal­abad city– one hour drive from Jalal­abad city. Together with my team I set up it’s solar power sys­tem and the com­puter lab. We installed five com­put­ers and a printer, four solar pan­els with a power inverter, and four car bat­ter­ies. The solar power sys­tem gen­er­ated enough power to run the five energy effi­cient lap­tops for six months sev­eral hours every­day (After six…

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Basketball in Jalalabad

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Be in Jail for 12 Years or Marry Your Rapist

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Afghan woman jailed for being a rape vic­tim offered release if she MARRIES her attacker Gul­naz was con­victed of adul­tery because she had sex out­side of mar­riage by being raped. After falling preg­nant by her attacker, she and the baby were jailed for 12 years. She has been given the choice to marry her rapist and be freed from jail Read the full story here.

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Proud to Be an Afghan

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  Za Afghan Yem and Mann Afghan Hastam.

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What Cripples Afghanistan’s Economy?

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A world bank report came out yes­ter­day that says depend­ing on secu­rity the econ­omy of Afghanistan could face a com­plete col­lapse beyond 2014. More than 90 per cent of our national bud­get comes from for­eign dona­tions. The world bank report in PDF: Tran­si­tion in Afghanistan: Look­ing Beyond 2014. Income per per­son in Afghanistan is $528 a year. Josie Bassinette, the act­ing direc­tor of the World Bank says this fig­ure con­ceals pock­ets of worse poverty because aid money is not divided…

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Getting a National Identity Card in Jalalabad

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Wait­ing for the Offi­cers to Come A cou­ple of cousins and my aunt asked me to help them get national iden­tity cards called Tazkira for them in Jalal­abad. I wrote an appli­ca­tion for them and went to Nan­garhar Governor’s Office with them. Nor­mally, most gov­ern­ment offices should open for clients at 8:00AM and close at 4:00PM. We were there by 8:10AM expect­ing that the work­ers would be set­tled. I thought that it’s the governor’s office and it would be more…

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Ali, the Shopkeeper

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I was in Dara-e-Noor dis­trict of Nan­garhar province with my map­ping team last month. I met Ali. He is about 4 years old boy with light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. Ali’s father is a shop­keeper run­ning a lit­tle con­ve­nience store in this very remote area in the mid­dle of moun­tains. Ali keeps the shop and sells some small items that he knows the prices of when his father goes to Jalal­abad for replen­ish­ing the store. That’s how Ali…

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Interesting Twitter Fight: Taliban vs ISAF

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@ABalkhi is Taliban’s Twit­ter han­dle and @ISAFMedia is ISAF’s. I am fol­low­ing both. They some­times have Twit­ter fights. They are exchang­ing some seri­ous words right now as I am typ­ing and here is how the @ABalkhi started and then the @ISAFMedia’s response fol­lows and I quote every­thing: @ABalkhi: Arti­cle CSM:1000s Afghan mer­ce­nar­ies hired by CIA in Afghanstan.Commit out­right human rights abuses(rape,robery,extra judi­cial killing etc) Story con­firmed by US diplo­mats, west­ern offi­cials, afghan author­i­ties. Hired to fight Tal­iban and oth­ers Recruits…

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Unite or Perish

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Iron­i­cally, on the bar­rel of this tank it say, “Unite or else we’ll per­ish.” Peo­ple say a lot of things. Our politi­cians spend hours when they are on the stage giv­ing talks but there is very lit­tle action. If we did 40% of what we say we wouldn’t be in the bad con­di­tion that we are today. When I lis­ten to can­di­dates talk­ing to peo­ple dur­ing their elec­tion cam­paigns it almost makes one believe that Afghanistan will be like a…

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