No, There Is only One God!

Feb 5, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   culture, Human Rights, Peace  //  1 Comment

When I was tak­ing this pic­ture I raised my index and mid­dle fin­ger and parted them ask­ing the gen­tle­men to make peace ges­ture. The senior man in the back shouted, “No, there is only ONE God!” “There are not two Gods”, he added. I almost got into a big trou­ble. They prob­a­bly thought I was try­ing to con­vert them or some­thing. It was in my own city of Jalal­abad but these folks seemed alien. Some peo­ple in Jalal­abad know what the sign means.

  • Pako­rachai

    That’s the prob­lem with these chaps. Une­d­u­cated and out of work, they have noth­ing else to do but become experts in every­thing con­cern­ing God.