No, There Is only One God!

Feb 5, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   culture, Human Rights, Peace  //  2 Comments

When I was tak­ing this pic­ture I raised my index and mid­dle fin­ger and parted them ask­ing the gen­tle­men to make peace ges­ture. The senior man in the back shouted, “No, there is only ONE God!” “There are not two Gods”, he added. I almost got into a big trou­ble. They prob­a­bly thought I was try­ing to con­vert them or some­thing. It was in my own city of Jalal­abad but these folks seemed alien. Some peo­ple in Jalal­abad know what the sign means.

  • Pako­rachai

    That’s the prob­lem with these chaps. Une­d­u­cated and out of work, they have noth­ing else to do but become experts in every­thing con­cern­ing God.

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    The first step of each Mas­ter or Reformer was to receive a mis­sion and rev­e­la­tion from some God: thus — Ama­sis and Mneves, Law­givers of the Egyp­tians, received their laws from Mercury(Thoth); Zoroaster of the Bac­tri­ans, and Zamolxis, law­giver of the Getes, from Vesta; Zathraustes, of the Arm-aspi, from a good Spirit or Genius : and all pro­gaged the doc­trine of the “Law of Karma.” There is no doubt but that all of them were Ini­ti­ates of the Secret Orders then exist­ing and which Orders taught the Secret Doc­trine and Ancient Mys­ter­ies—
    Rhadaman­thus and Minos, law­givers of Crete, and Lycaon of Arca­dia, had inter­course with Jupiter; Trip­tole­mus of Athens was inspired by Ceres, Pythago­ras and Zaleu­cus, for the Cro­to­ni­ans and Locri­ans, ascribed their insti­tu­tions to Min­erva, Lycur­gus of Sparta acted by direc­tion of Apollo, and Romu­lus and Numa of Rome put them­selves under the guid­ance of Con­sus and the god­dess Ege­ria.
    The first Chi­nese monarch was called “Fag-Four” — “The Son of Heaven.” Tuesco, the founder of the Ger­man nations, was sent to reduce mankind from their sav­age and bes­tial life to one of order and soci­ety, as appears from his name, which sig­ni­fies the “inter­preter of the gods.” Thor and Odin, the law­givers of the West­ern Goths, laid claim to inspi­ra­tion and to divin­ity, and they have given the names to two of the days of the week.
    Plato makes leg­is­la­tion to have been derived from God, and the con­stant epi­thets to kings in Homer are Dio-geneis, “born of the gods,” and Dfo-trepheis, “bred or or tutored by the gods.” When true Ini­ti­a­tion is once under­stood by schol­ars they will no longer deny that man can be taught by God or by the Supreme Intel­li­gence, for such a thing is pos­si­ble, and Divine Rev­e­la­tions to man or to the mind and soul of man, is not so hard or impos­si­ble a thing. That these Mas­ters and Reform­ers received their instruc­tions direct there is no doubt. Man can come into direct com­mu­ni­ca­tion with his God if he is will­ing to live such a life as will make this possible.”