Open Source Map for Nangarhar

Jan 24, 2012   //   by Hameed   //   Culture and Tech, videos  //  4 Comments

Jalala­good Geek Squad worked on this open source map of Nan­garhar for about seven months start­ing from June 2011.

I am not brag­ging but Jalal­abad is the most detailed city on open street map. A lot of aid work­ers and those who are new in town use this open source map to get around in Nan­garhar. If you are using it on a smart phone it has nav­i­ga­tion as well. NGOs and health work­ers use it to plan their human­i­tar­ian projects. Jalal­abad city on Open­StreetMap.

If you go into dis­trict level map and zoom in, you can see details of any dis­trict. We are plan­ning to cre­ate open source maps for as many provinces in the coun­try as pos­si­ble. We are cur­rently look­ing into ways to fund this project in the next province. We will have a very detailed map of the whole coun­try some day, Inshal­lah. One map at a time!

  • anthony quar­tararo

    Dear Jalala­good, Hameed and others, 

    We would very much like to coop­er­ate with you and work with your efforts.  Our mobile data col­lec­tion solu­tion is cur­rently in use in Afghanistan as well, and you can visit to view the app (Android com­ing very soon).  We’ve used this tool for col­lec­tion of data across 1/3 of the coun­try so far for large-scale City map­ping and smaller-scale Provin­cial map­ping.  We would be inter­ested in col­lab­o­rat­ing and pro­vid­ing data and tools for your efforts and would applaud those efforts.  Con­tribut­ing to OSM for Afghanistan is also part of our goal and would like to do what we can, includ­ing pro­vid­ing any assis­tance your team may need.  Please con­tact me or visit to see more about our prod­ucts and projects in Afghanistan.  In any event, keep up the great work and thanks for show­ing what can be done with tech­nol­ogy, pas­sion and dedication! 

  • Todd Ander­son

    wow looks great!  I the before / after images at the end are espe­cially pow­er­ful, maybe you want to put them directly in the post?  Nice music, too!

  • Suzanne

    You are doing such good work Hameed. Kudos to you in every­thing you do to improve your country.

  • Joel Selanikio

    I’d love to see an update of this project. Folks are using our Magpi mobile data col­lec­tion app ( for col­lec­tion of location/GPS and other data in Afghanistan and else­where. Would be great to hear how you’ve moved for­ward and what tools you’re using.