Car wash in Jalalabad

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Gen­er­ally, there are two types of car washes in Jalal­abad: 1. fancy and expen­sive that com­man­ders, et. al. use and 2. river and stream sides located ones that use a small gen­nie to pump water and hose down cars.

Below is a hand pres­sure pump that is used to splash oil under the car so that it doesn’t get rusty. Most of the cars that we use in Afghanistan are used cars that get dumped here after they are first used in Canada, the U.S. or Japan mainly. Their bot­toms are really rusty after they were used in those coun­tries in snow and salt on snow.

I am nei­ther a com­man­der nor the son of a com­man­der so I usu­ally use the lat­ter.