Officially for Sale

Aug 24, 2011   //   by peretz   //   military  //  4 Comments

I spot­ted an old man sit­ting in a crowded bazar, sewing army and police patches onto uni­forms. I hag­gled and picked up a dozen.

I'm Official

  • Luke Carter

    are these for sale?

    • Anony­mous

      What’s your best offer?  I paid a good 50 cents for each in Afghanistan, but I may con­sider re-selling.  There are mar­kets in Kabul and else­where, which locals call “Bush Mar­ket”, that sell Army and Police uni­forms (as well as gen­eral mil­i­tary gear that prob­a­bly fell of the back of some truck or another.)

      I had an unusual expe­ri­ence, doc­u­mented in Good­bye Jalal­abad where I actu­ally saw a crate of Afghan Army Uni­forms fall of the back of the truck and spill on the road.  You’ll have to read the post though, to learn what hap­pened next.

  • Dvdk6307

    I’m inter­ested in any police patches.  Please con­tact me at

  • Toasted Skit­tle

    I know I might be a bit late for the party, but do you still have any for sale, espe­cially one of those AFG.N.ARMY patches?