Turkey Slaughter

Dec 25, 2010   //   by peretz   //   videos  //  6 Comments

We went shop­ping for Christ­mas din­ner in the bazar. Todd (Huff­man) had in mind to get a turkey and our dri­ver helped us find one. The bird was dis­as­sem­bled in front of our eyes.

  • Jalala­good

    Thought that bloke was related to you at first, PPeretz. IT’s the beard-hair combination!

    Enjoy­ing you cul­tural diplo­macy immensely. Makes me want to come out to the coun­try to do something…

    Best tid­ings to y’all

    • richard hod

      hmm, strange name it gave me. Inci­den­tally, I love the idea of a dis­sem­bling turkey! FAc­ing the chop I’d lie fib and mis­di­rect too!

      R Hod

      • Richard­hod


  • Mike K

    Looks like things are really pick­ing up here in Jalalagood.

    One thing that strikes me is how tiny that Turkey bird looks in com­par­i­son to the mon­strous pre-historic sized ani­mal one buys in the US for Thanks­giv­ing. In fact, it looks like this might be pre­mium organic Turkey free of growth hor­mones and anti biotics.

    At times I thought the Butcher Mas­ter came close to tak­ing off a kid’s hand; but they were totally unfazed even with that big knife fly­ing around.

    Speak­ing of fly­ing, did I cor­rectly hear Todd say “Preda­tor Drone?” That’s the other hol­i­day bird.

    On a more seri­ous note, it looks like your biggest fan on Youtube has responded with “next time do that with these amer­i­cans.” Check out his video page.

  • http://twitter.com/enkido Paul Bohm

    I watched this while eat­ing Mac & Cheese and it was a great expe­ri­ence! This guy sure knows how to dis­as­sem­ble a bird! Was it good?

  • http://funemployed.tumblr.com sgo­ral­nick

    quite an expe­ri­ence, it really does move around for quite awhile, even after being beheaded. i hope it made for a deli­cious xmas din­ner. i love watch­ing the kids. next time i see tod, i hope he’s wear­ing aturkey-tail hat. you guys are doing a great job post­ing, keep it up!