Nan Factory

Dec 30, 2010   //   by LouBu   //   videos  //  6 Comments

While walk­ing down the streets of Kabul last week I stared a lit­tle too inquis­i­tively into a nan store/factory pump­ing out the long, flat bread that is eaten with every meal in Afghanistan. The man stretch­ing the dough noticed my pry­ing and invited us in to see the whole process up close, encour­ag­ing us to take pho­tographs and film the intri­cate, six man team work­ing together to form the vat of dough into iden­ti­cal dia­monds of flat bread. The bread is baked in a clay tan­doori oven, stuck ver­ti­cally up against the inside wall. As the fin­ished bread is pulled off the oven walls with long iron hooks, a man in the win­dow sells the hot, steam­ing fin­ished prod­uct to cus­tomers, who fre­quently go away with half a dozen or more loaves. In a tra­di­tional Afghan meal instead of a plate each per­son is given a full loaf of bread. He or she tears off chunks and uses them in place of uten­sils to scoop up chunks of lamb or beans. They sent us away with a steam­ing, flat, piece of nan. Delicious.

  • Mike K

    Nice! Video look great at 720p and fullscreen. How big are the files that you upload into Youtube?

    I noticed that the coun­ter­weight the dough dis­trib­u­tor was using looked like a piece of meat.

    • LouBu

      Filmed on an iPhone 4. Steve Jobs’ plan for world dom­i­na­tion is com­plete. The full file was 153 MB.

  • Farty


    (fresh nan, not iPhone 4)

  • Gavriel

    That bread looks deli­cious. Hey Peretz, eat some for me! Also, send Cen­tral Asia my regards from one of their long lost children.

  • sgo­ral­nick

    it’s like a dance, great video!

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