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This has floated across my link­space over the past week:

  • Pajh­wok News — a local Afghan run news ser­vice, recently signed con­tract to pro­vide video and pho­tos to CNN.
  • How to write about Afghanistan — amus­ing read­ing. (Thanks Ben Atlas!)  I guess we have to study it harder, since we’re fail­ing so far.
  • Jim Gant: the Green Beret who could win the war in Afghanistan — inspired reading.
  • Kuchi, Afghan Nomads — Megan has been called a Kuchi, in par­tic­u­lar by one enthu­si­as­tic boy.  Sup­pos­edly since the Kuchi wan­der great dis­tances in remote places, they are pro­fi­cient smug­glers.  A Kuchi tribe has cur­rently taken up win­ter res­i­dence in Jalal­abad (a tem­per­ate lower val­ley).  There is a Kuchi out­post right across the street.  Dave says I shouldn’t peer in with binoc­u­lars.  “That’s the kind of thing that will get you shot.”
  • The Kuchi peo­ple have Kuchi Dogs which come in Sub-variants like: mountain-type, lion-type, tiger-type.   Last line in Wikipedia arti­cle cau­tions: “They are still a very prim­i­tive breed; per­haps not suited to gen­tle soci­ety.”  Then again, you can get them in the Bay Area.
  • Pash­tun Dances: Attan — spin­ning sim­i­lar to whirling Dervishes, and Khat­tak.  I’m sure some­one some­where has ana­lyzed the sim­i­lar­i­ties of var­i­ous spin­ning dances, such as Lezkinka of the Cau­cus, the Dervishes, or stick dances of the Tharu, etc.
  • I find this pecu­liar —> The­ory of Pash­tun Descent from Israel:
    Israel is plan­ning to fund this rare genetic study to deter­mine whether there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pash­tuns. (Wikipedia)

    “Of all the groups, there is more con­vinc­ing evi­dence about the Pash­tuns than any­body else, but the Pash­tuns are the ones who would reject Israel most fero­ciously. That is the sweet irony.“
    Shalva Weil, anthro­pol­o­gist and senior researcher at the Hebrew Uni­ver­sity of Jerusalem

  • The Extreme Tourist — Aus­tralian Travel Show about Afghanistan.  One of our con­tacts here in Jalal­abad has worked as the local fixer for the show.
  • NYT Video: Ashura in Afghanistan — Kabul’s annual Ashura fes­ti­val, in which Shi­ite Mus­lims whip them­selves to the point of blood, reflects new free­doms and old tra­di­tions in today’s Afghanistan.
  • Graphic Pho­tos of the same event —“Muhar­ram is the first month of the Islamic cal­en­dar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year in which fight­ing is pro­hib­ited… [I guess the alter­na­tive is to focus agres­sion inward.] The tenth day of Muhar­ram is called Yaumu-l ‘Ashu­rah, which is known by Shia Mus­lims as ‘the day of grief’. On this day the death of Imam Hues­sein, grand­son of Prophet Moham­mad, is mourned. He was killed in the 7th cen­tury bat­tle of Kerbala.”
  • A friend in Kabul told us about the best place to get the down­low of social hap­pen­ings about town. He had for­got­ten the name of the site, so he called a friend. Can you guess what it is? Couch­Surf­ing Group Afghanistan. I’ve been impressed by CS in the past, say by how many couches are on offer in Iran, but I had not until that point con­sid­ered surf­ing in Afghanistan ;) Have a look for yourself.
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